Hello, I'm a new blogger here. As my literature journey in education has come to an end, I want to continue the endless learning, writing and reading. By creating a blog, I hope to improve my skills further and have a bit of fun! 

Since Covid-19 has consumed our lives, we've been left with not much to do outside of our homes unless you want to get your daily exercise or run to the shops. I'm sure you've watched every possible movie on Netflix and Disney Plus is a distant childhood memory again... I can relate. Maybe now is the opportunity to pick up a book and start reading and I'll be recommending plenty of novels. Stay up to date with my posts by following my Instagram which is linked at the top of this page.

Asides from reading, I write (of course,) so look out for my poetry, short stories and screenplay excerpts. Let me know what you want to see by dropping a DM on IG or email me at:​

E-Mail: readwithbp@gmail.com for enquiries/collabs/features.

Thanks for visiting my page!

Bijal x

 - August 2020

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