Here is a list of my favourite reads!


Children of Blood and Bone (fantasy)

By Tomi Adeyemi

As young Zelié witnesses her mother's homicide, her journey of retaliation begins as she discovers she can bring her magical powers back to her motherland (Nigeria.) Whilst on the run with Princess Amari, Prince Inan (Amari's brother) follows the young girls to stop the return of magic. A journey of friendship, love, revenge and deceit is intertwined with themes of colonialism, rebellion and police brutality.



The Rose that Grew from Concrete (poetry)

By Tupac Amaru Shakur

A collection of poems written by the rapper when he was 18/19 years old. We all know him as a rapper but not as a poet and I really like some of his pieces. The book contains photocopies of his writing and although it may not be for everyone he writes about love, politics and family.



The Hate U Give (urban)

By Angie Thomas

Starr Carter lives between two worlds - her Black neighbourhood and her private white school. As her friend, Khalil, is murdered by the police, she is forced to stand up for herself and speak on the injustices her community faces. Angie Thomas takes a contemporary approach in her writing which makes it an easy read but you can also watch the movie and follow Starr's journey in the second book - On the Come Up.


Rebecca (classic)

By Daphne Du Maurier

An unnamed narrator marries a wealthy aristocrat, Maxim de Winter, but learns that he has an obsession with his late wife, Rebecca. Whilst Maxim mourns his previous wife's death, the new wife uncovers family secrets as Rebecca's truth is revealed. Rebecca was not the loving, perfect wife that everyone thought she was. A really plot-driven book with constant cliffhangers, revelations and complex character. I might even give this a re-read soon... UNDERRATED NOVEL and better than Jane Eyre.



Jane Eyre (classic)

By Charlotte Brontë

Young Jane is plain and simple. Living a traumatic childhood, Jane seeks happiness within her marriage with Mr Rochester. But Rochester has a secret that destroys their marriage as Jane runs away and is left homeless. What is Jane's fate? Will true love reunite the couple?



The Tao of Pooh (non-fiction)

By Benjamin Hoff

My childhood memories were brought back to life when reading this. Hoff exemplifies the teachings of Taoism through the fictional characters in Winnie the Pooh. He teaches us behaviours of individuals are different, normal and life is really simple if you learn to enjoy it. Hoff includes excerpts from the original text as you take a journey into 100 Acre Wood again. Pooh and Piglet's friendship is everything and more and Eeyore is my doppelgänger. 



Between the Lines (romance)

By Jodi Picoult

This book isn't for everyone but if you are a regular reader and want to encounter another Troy Bolton or Edward Cullen then this book is probably for you. Delilah is lonely and likes to read. You learn that she is lonely for a reason as she begins to fall in love with a character in a fictional book...



The Long Walk (thriller)

By Stephen King

Want to read a dystopian novel? Read this. 100 boys compete in a contest where they go on a long walk and have to maintain the speed of 4mph at all times. They cannot stop and there are no breaks. What happens if they drop below this speed? What happens if they can walk no further? It's a Stephen King novel so there's definitely no happy ending for all of the walkers.



Frozen Charlotte (thriller)

By Alex Bell

Sophie's best friend passes away and so she goes to live with her cousins in Scotland. Sophie learns that her cousin's mansion used to be a school many years ago and inhabits ghosts from the past. Who is Charlotte and what does she want? I shivered whilst reading some chapters.



Scythe (fantasy)

By Neal Shusterman

Imagine a world where people can live on forever and natural deaths no longer exist... that means no heart attacks, no liver failures, no birth complications and NO CORONAVIRUS! To maintain the world population, "Scythe's" are hired to *SPOILER ALERT* kill people. Two teenager protagonists are chosen to be Scythe's as they battle between doing their job (which they cannot opt out of) and doing what's is morally correct.